Tennessee Screen Printed “Block Print”

Tennessee State Screen Print by Lucas T. AntoniakI have art shows coming up in the next few weeks, and I’m getting ready. For the last few days, I’ve been working on this TN state design, which I printed this morning on 8×10″ paper in our dining room. It looks like a block print, but it’s actually screen printed. I drew it on my iPad Pro, using a process very similar to real-life linoleum block carving (without the “cutting-my-fingers” part). After that, I printed the final art out and then burned the image onto a silkscreen.  I ended up getting 81 good prints on brown kraft-style paper and a few extras that I printed on watercolor paper that I’ll “enhance” with watercolors for a limited special edition.

I made my one-color poster press (of my own design) from an old air hockey table.  First I cut it down to a smaller size and sealed any exposed gaps with spray foam.  Then I reversed the blower motor to create suction (to hold down the paper while it prints), sealed around itt, and added clamps to a wood frame to hold my screen flat against the table surface. I rest the whole thing on some sturdy cardboard boxes and print away! (My wife helps run around finding good places to hang and lay the prints to dry.)

For more images (or if the video below doesn’t load), visit my Instagram page!

Tennessee State Prints by Lucas T. Antoniak(Please note my motivating Kate Beaton “DRAW” giclee print hanging by my messy work area.)


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